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What do we need to pay attention to when leaving pets home alone?

According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 70% of people have pets, and 52% of them are between the ages of 25 and 44. Nowadays, pet owners are becoming more diversed in age groups, especially, an increasing amount of young adults are having pets.

We love having our pets around, but sometimes, as adults, work consume a big chunk of our time, and we have to leave them behind at home alone. At this time, we are often worried about what to do? Will the pet be very lonely? What if the dog mess up the home? And will they develop separation anxiety?

Do not worry, we will solve it one by one.


So, how to keep your pets safe when you have to be away?

Even at home, there are many potential hazards that can endanger your pet at any time. Therefore, as a qualified owner, you must pay attention to take some necessary measures to prevent accidental dangers.


1. First of all, pay attention to the balconies and windows at home. Most of the cities are high-rise buildings, and windows are potentially dangerous for pets. In addition to windows, most balcony designs only consider the safety of people, many gaps are at risk of causing pets to fall off buildings. So when you go out, remember to close the windows and balcony doors.

2. Make sure there are no exposed electrical wires in the home, and it is best to disconnect electrical wires connected to appliances when no one is at home. If you need to leave a puppy alone at home, better keep them in a room without electrical wires to prevent the puppy from accidentally chewing the wires when bored.

3. Install Uniarch Uho-S1 Camera, the full 360-degree coverage can help you check out every corner of the house. This coupled with precise control of motion with double motors, creates a versatile device that can be responsible for home security with large range. What’s more, the 2MP IR Smart Pan Tilt Camera Uho-S1 has a night vision mode with smart IR, which can automatically adjust to prevent overexposure in the night vision mode. With this camera, no matter where your pet is in the house, no matter what time of day, you can check it on video and make sure it's safe or not in a heartbeat.



Do pets get lonely when left alone at home? How do you keep them happy?

Zoologist Kristyn Vitale's research has confirmed that pets are in a sense very similar to human toddlers, having the same mental patterns as babies. Therefore, pets can be lonely. If a pet is left alone at home, it will easily feel irritable, anxious, lonely and scared, and then insecure over time, feeling neglected by its owner. Here are a few solutions to help pets at home alone to get happy.


1. The first thing to note is to give the pet a reasonable arrangement of space.  We can provide our pets with a safe and adequate space to move around,we strongly advise not keep them in a cage or crate for long periods of time, it will definitely make them lose patience.

2. If you are afraid that your pet is lonely at home, prepare toys as much as possible. Keep them entertained, so that they won't feel lonely. Every pet will face the time alone at home. For them, life will be much more interesting with a favorite toy to play with. If your pet does not like the toy you get, keep trying, there is always one it likes. Remember not to choose a toy that makes too much noise, otherwise, you will be the one who suffers when you get home.

3. Install the Uho-S1 camera to communicate with your pets remotely. the Uho-S1 even has a built-in microphone and speaker as part of its two-way talk feature! This allows you to have a live communication with anyone or anything in the room while you’re on the go and maintain intimate interaction with them at anytime and anywhere. Communication always makes a good relationship. When you find your pet is bored, you can interact with it via voice to keep it entertained.

Finally, when you miss your pet, just open the Uniarch Life App and you can see them anytime and anywhere. Not only that, you can also do video playback anytime to not miss any of their growing moments. Every moment is unique and cherishable.