Small body, big view
Unear V20
2K Ultra High-Resolution
Dual MEMS Microphones
Wide Dynamic Range
Privacy Protection
Area Sound Pickup
Plug and Play
Keep professional video streaming
The 2K, 90°, and distortion-less lens support up to 60fps, details of every frame can be presented in real.
Deliver your optimal image
Thanks to WDR and auto light correction functions, image quality can always be provided in the best way.
Slide and protect privacy
The embedded privacy shutter can cover the lens to effectively protect users’ privacy.
Restore original sound
Dual omnidirectional microphones allow pickup sound within 3 meters.
With area sound pickup algorithms, sound can be picked up within 90°range which means it isolates noises outside 90°.
Embedded AI algorithms effectively suppress sustainable background noises.
Suitable for various scenarios
Video conference
Video calling
Call center
Compatible with multiple platforms
The feature of USB plug-and-play allows Unear V20 to be compatible with all of the current mainstream video conference platforms. Supported systems: Mac OS, Windows7, Windows 10 and Linux
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