Embrace security, enjoy tranquility
Bullet / Dome/ Turret Fixed Lens
2/4/5MP Super-HD image
Wide Voltage tolerance
Wide temperature range
IP67,Weather resistant
Smart IR better night vision
Plug and Play
PixelSense Technology
Audio Recording
Clear details from day to night
Up to 5MP Super-HD image with 2592*1944 high resolution image brings you excellent monitoring video all day. Innovative Day and Night change detection and response.
No fear of bad weather
IP67, resistance against dust and water, work steadily in rainy and snowy days. Wide working temperature from -30°C to 60 °C. ±25% wide voltage tolerance, ideal for power instability
Easy configuration
Cameras can be connected to recorders just by plug cable in the PoE Port without any configuration on the GUI
Detect motion, send notification
Any motions can be detected and pushed to web/GUI/APP to pre-warn the events.
Day and Night
Plug & Play
Have everything under control with simple clicks!
With extremely concise interface, the functions such as live view, playback and alarm notification can be configured with simple clicks.
Smooth live view
Both Uniarch APP and Client provide fast speed for streaming on multiple windows at the same time. You and your family or colleagues can be online simultaneously and access live view anywhere and at any time smoothly.
Powerful playback
Searched results can be shown on a calendar and be sorted into different recording.
Easy to start
Only 3 steps are needed to add the devices: Open the APP, scan the QR, then add the devices successfully. The account can be logged in on different devices (phone, Pad and PC) and be online concurrently.
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