Compatible, reliable, powerful
G series hybrid video recorder
Work with both analog and
IP cameras
Switchable analog & IP
Connect up to 16 analog
cameras or 24 IP cameras
5MP live view and
Audio and Video transmit
through one coaxial cable
Maximum capacity 6TB
Remote viewing with
Uniarch APP and Client
Compatible with the
third-party cameras
24/7 recording and playback
All cameras record simultaneously; Allow to install a hard disk drive up to 6TB for video storage;
Automatically overwrite the oldest data with newest data when the HDD is full
5MP image quality
Provide a highly economical solution to achieve 5MP image quality both in live view and playback.
Freely customize video
surveillance system
Uniarch hybrid video recorder help to set up a new video surveillance
system personally, refresh the old digital video recorder or hybrid video recorder of the system.
Manage all the cameras in the system
rather than configure the devices on by on
Compatible with cameras of different
protocols and various brands, covering
mainstream cameras
Work with both analog and IP cameras or
one of them only.
Switch flexibly between analog and network
channels to connect more IP cameras
Upgrade both XVR and Uniarch cameras
via cloud server with a simple click
Audio over Coaxial, minimize
the amount of cabling needed
With some traditional DVRs, video and audio signals are transmitted through two different cables, resulting in complicated cabling work.
Benefiting from the coaxial cable transmission technology, audio and video can be transferred through one coaxial cable, greatly reducing the cable cost.
Access video anywhere, anytime
Local method
Start live view or playback easily by connecting HDMI or VGA cables to a monitor directly
Remote method
Get remote viewing with Uniarch mobile APP or Uniarch PC Client software
* Internet connection is required in this method
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